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Fanute Pro Set - Fanute
Fanute Pro Set - Fanute
Fanute Pro Set - Fanute

Fanute Pro Set

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  • Sleek Crossed-Frame
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Sturdy Bra Support
  • High Waisted Leggings 
  • Premium Quality


Get the best out of every workout with our snug, comfy and form-fitting gym wear.

Designed to keep you looking hot, stylish and chic, this two-piece outfit is the ideal gym apparel that delivers both functionality and extreme performance.

Whether you want to hit a new Personal best on your squats or are hitting the tracks for a quick run, this amazing stretchy fabric provides a soft, smooth and comfortable feel that gives you the boost you need to get the job done.

It comes in two refreshing color variants that offers you a luxury of choice letting you decide exactly how you want to look and feel at the gym. It offers a sturdy bra support with a sleek crossed-frame at the back making each movement and routine extremely easy and convenient to perform.

Keep fit, stay heathy and looking absolutely stunning while you’re at it!