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About us

Never Stop Striving to Be Better

Fanute- for those chasing their dreams

We have continued to inspire people while helping them look stylish as they go on their daily grind. At Fanute, we are more than just a clothing line; we are a brand and a movement that sets out to build you and bring you the daily reminder you need to go out there and hit your target!
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    Who We Are

    We are dreamers, pure and simple. We believe that while everyone dreams, not everyone keeps moving towards their dreams. This, we believe, is done only by the boldest and most courageous. We also believe that those dreamers find their way here to our site, drawn by a common goal to show the world through their clothing what they believe.

    Why We Were Founded

    Fanute was founded for those who are always striving to achieve their dreams and working hard every day to improve themselves. The African/Moroccan heritage of our founder will show up in motifs in our wares occasionally as symbols of how you can use your heritage to fuel your desire to be better. Our clothes make a statement. What does that statement say about you?

    What Does Fanute Mean?   

    What Fanute connotes is you can become whatever you want to be, meaning it's your story, your life, your dream. Whether you want to be an athlete, a firefighter, a writer, or a rapper, you can achieve it if you work hard enough. Your dreams are yours alone to seize, mold, and turn into whatever you want them to be.

    Why We Came Into Existence

    Realizing that the will to get better in every area of our life — be it health, wealth, our career, or dress sense — is a very important concept to us and our brand. We decided to create the kind of clothes that would fit people who have this mindset of achieving more.


    Even as fashion lovers, we understand that our dress sense is not merely about our taste, but often, also an expression of who we are.  So, we arrived at the fact that people with a great passion to better themselves (just like us), need to be expressed as who they truly are. They deserve high-quality, premium clothing that tell their stories. These clothes were carefully crafted, specially branded, and tailored to the needs of both men and women in this category. Above all, we believe everyone can better themselves and we hope that we inspire everyone to want to improve in some aspect of life.

    Fanute — Not Just Another Name

    The name “Fanute” was not only chosen because of the category of customers we’re focused on. It was also chosen because we aim to get better every day. Even though we have amazing designers who know how to express great fashion needs and put them into “ready-to-wear” clothing designs, every day, we still seek to get better in meeting the needs of our customers. We look out for trends and blend them into our primary focus.

    We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our focus is on one person—YOU. We understand who our customers are and what they want. Hence, delivering great services to them is no problem at all. Every time you shop with us, we ensure we go above and beyond to meet your clothing needs and guarantee that our online athleisure-wear allows you to truly express who you are and what you strive to be. Our store is one in which you can enjoy shopping and at the same time, make orders as you like them. For any questions you may, our efficient customer support will respond promptly to your needs, in the best way you can imagine.

    Experience the Fanute Difference

    We believe that Fanute represents this spirit of free will to be what you want to be and to strive towards that goal and be better. Our men's and women's clothes are designed to be comfortable and not constricting — freeing even — so that you have room to dream. They are designed to move with you, allowing you to achieve whatever your heart desires. They are inspiring, helping you to believe that the impossible is possible. Our men's and women's wear embodies the essence of Fanute, which you will feel from the moment you put it on.

    At Fanute, we use only the highest-quality materials that are soft against your skin. Most are ultra-lightweight and made to stretch, giving you the perfect fit. The fabric even feels cool to the touch. All of our men's and women's clothes are designed for maximum functionality and simplicity, bringing you a streamlined appearance that is perfect as you reach for your goals. Our hoodies are made from mid-weight materials that are made to limit shrinkage and be soft to the touch. You will stay warm, light, and airy in these men's and women's hoodies.

    Our clothes are designed to move with your body, often with hidden pockets so you can stash your phone, car keys, or debit card safely while you workout or go for a jog. All are lightweight and moisture-wicking so you can workout without dripping in sweat. 


    All of our men's and women's clothing will make a statement about who you are, where you're going, and how you are going to get there. Although your path may not be crystal clear, the steps in that journey are the small daily ones you take every day to that end. We invite you to try our Fanute clothing line and begin to feel the difference today!

    Welcome, and get ready for the Fanute experience.


    Inspired by a yearning for improvement, Fanute is a clothing brand that aims to provide motivation for individuals from all walks of life. Having grown up in Morocco, Africa, I dreamed of coming to America since the age of four. My father moved to America, which was a miracle. After he left, I didn't know if I'd ever see him again. Not only did this provide me with the motivation I needed to keep pushing for my goals, it also helped me understand that to accomplish my visions, I must believe in making the impossible possible. 

    Twelve years later, the dream finally came true. I moved to America at the age of 16. Ever since then, I discovered just how limitless we, as humans, are. This has led me on a journey to bring people a constant reminder to keep going and to never give up.

    Our brand name, Fanute, translates to go-getter and is the number one philosophy that we follow. We are a clothing brand that provides premium clothing. Our goal is to bring people a selection of items that resonates with our message. We understand that everyone experiences hardship, and we strongly believe that it is during these periods that the strongest and most remarkable people are created. For us, dreaming is natural, and while everyone can have a dream, only the boldest and most courageous can keep moving towards it — we believe that is you!

    Fanute creates athleisure clothing for the dreamers, the achievers, and those who believe in making the impossible, possible. We have continued to inspire people while helping them look stylish as they go on their daily grind. At Fanute, we are more than just a clothing line; we are a brand and a movement that sets out to build you and bring you the daily reminder you need to go out there and hit your target!