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Why the Fanute F 10 series windbreaker is a must have for every wardrobe!

Why the Fanute F 10 series windbreaker is a must have for every wardrobe!

Windbreakers are an essential clothing item that delivers a great deal of value when necessary. Not only do they help to provide wind resistance, they are also highly effective against light rain. From their close fitting necks to the cuffs at the wrist, there is a generally comfy feel that comes with the traditional windbreaker.

The Fanute F 10 windbreaker series incorporates all of the amazing features of a high quality windbreaker while delivering unique functionalities that makes it both a stylish and utilitarian item. It is the perfect combination of style, class and amazing aesthetics. Designed with the user in mind, our windbreakers are revolutionizing the way windbreakers are worn and positioning them as a fashion item suitable for everyday use.

Everything you want in a windbreaker and so much more

Available in both men and women’s variant, our windbreakers offer a slim and sleek exterior with a finishing that clearly shows just how much attention to detail is used in its entire creation.

Going to hang out with friends? Planning a night out? Or just looking for stylish wear for your daily errands, our windbreakers are the perfect item for just about any whether and location.

The perfect blend of quality and impeccable style

When it comes to classic fashion, windbreakers are definitely not the first line of clothing considered as stylish. Our Lightweight Pullover Windbreaker Anorak Jacket is quickly changing this narrative and becoming a favorite among our customers. From its water resistant exterior, to its scuba neck and matte finish, there simply is no better way to look stylish. Perhaps the most notable feature is the quality as we strive to ensure that each piece we release outperforms other alternatives while giving you the lush feel of luxury and extreme comfort.

Designed for both genders

Available in both male and female variants (the FM 10 and the FW 10) you get a versatile styling option well-suited for all sizing requirements. The FW10 creates a chic and fun look that exudes raw femininity and superiority. Both options come with;

  • Tightening toggle at waist band
  • Polyester fabric with water resistant coating
  • Fine mesh hood liner with a 3 panel hood
  • Gold Fanute logo with a lighter color for the white FW10 variant
  • Welt pocket with mesh pocket bags
  • And a wide range of other amazing features!

Let your fashion choice define who you are! Opt for the all new F 10 series and redefine your style.

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