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Our Story

   Inspired by a yearning for improvement, Fanute is a clothing brand that aims to provide motivation for individuals from all walks of life. Having grown up in Morocco, Africa. I dreamed of coming to America since the age of 4. After it took a miracle for my father to move to America. Was though seen him leave without knowing if I ever will get to see him again. Not only did this provided me with the motivation I needed to keep pushing for my goals, it also helped me understand that to accomplish my visions, I must believe in making the impossible possible. 12 years later the dream finally came true. I moved to America at the age of 16. Ever since then I discovered just how limitless we are. This has led me on a journey to bring people a constant reminder to keep going and to never give up.

  Our brand name Fanute translates to go-getter and is the number one philosophy that we follow. We are a clothing brand that provides top notch quality. Our goal is to bring people a selection of items that resonates with our message. We understand that everyone experiences hardship and we strongly believe that it is during these periods that the strongest and most remarkable people are created. For us, dreaming is natural and while everyone can have a dream, only the boldest and most courageous can keep moving towards it! We believe that is you!

  Fanute is here for the dreamers, the achievers, and people who believe in making the impossible possible. We have continued to inspire people while helping them look stylish as they go on their daily grind. At Fanute, we are more than just a clothing line, we are a brand, we are a movement that sets out to build you, and bring you the daily reminder you need to go out there and hit your target!


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  • Great Clothing! Impressive design! Dream big with fanute!

    DJ Hinton

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